Legendary Stain Fighter Removes "Impossible" Stains in Just Seconds

Didi Seven does it all- lifts food stains from fabric, dissolves and traps grease and oil, binds to dirt and soils to suspend and rinse them away, targets protein stains like blood. The formula rinses clean away. 

Now Made In America!

Didi Seven - Remove Virtually ANY Stain

Guaranteed to be the most effective stain remover you will EVER use

Known to millions worldwide as the quickest, most dependable stain remover available, Didi Seven is guaranteed to work on your most difficult stains.

Didi Seven's super-concentrated formula works on ink, wine, rust, blood, ketchup, mustard, water stains, pet stains, juice, and many more!

  • Ink

    Pen ink, printer ink, virtually any kind of ink doesn't stand a chance against Didi Seven's ultra-powerful stain removing formula.

  • Red Wine

    Wine spills just happen- and usually in the worst possible place. Whether it be a heavy Cabernet, a lighter Pinot Noir, or even dark, inky port, Didi Seven will remove the stain and preserve your favorite clothing and upholstery.

  • Iodine

    Dark, deep stains, even from famously stubborn liquids like Iodine are no match for Didi Seven's advanced cleaning soltuion.

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  • Consumer Reports Top Stain Remover

    "If there's one fabric spot cleaner to add to your arsenal, it's Didi Seven....versatile and effective on a wide range of stains and fabrics."

    Consumer Reports tested Didi Seven against 12 best-selling stain removers and came away with one conclusion.

  • Oprah's Favorite!

    In February 2003, it was selected for The Best Products on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Didi Seven in Action